Zoltan the magnificent by Bob Graham

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Lothian Children's Books, 2008. ISBN 9780734410689
(Age 4-7) Recommended. Jack's Dad never seems to have enough time for his family. He leaves for work very early and comes home late at night. Sometimes Jack has to get out of bed just to see him. When the family goes on holiday, Jack is certain that it is his mother who will be fun, but he is in for a surprise!
Bob Graham creates a wonderful, warm family with ordinary ups and downs in an environment easily identified by children. Many may recognise the father who works really long hours and seems to be serious all the time, and feel relieved when he shows that he has a fun side when he relaxes on holidays.
Humour permeates the story both in the text and the cartoon like illustrations. There are many funny moments that will have the reader chuckling aloud. Incidents like Leo the dog sucking Grace's dummy just when they are about to embark on a bus journey to the seaside and peas rolling across the restaurant floor are beautifully woven into the story.
Holidays can give everyone a chance to learn things about family members and the discoveries that both Jack and his father make are heart warming. This is a wonderful story of family life and unity.
Pat Pledger