Yorick and Bones by Jeremy Tankard and Hermione Tankard

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This is an hilarious story about a skeleton who is roused from his death when a hot dog vendor collides with a witch causing a potion she's carrying to spill from her hands and seep into Yorick's grave. He awakens, surprised to find he has slept so long that he has lost his memory until a dog digs him up. All that Yorick wants is a sausage and someone to share it with but while he finds the sausage easily enough, finding a friend is a harder task.

Subtitled The lost graphic novel by William Shakespeare, this is a graphic novel for the upper end of the readership of this blog because the text has been written in Shakespeare's language and iambic pentameter rhythm, making it one for those independent enough to cope with that. At the same time, it may well capture older readers' imagination, particularly those familiar with Shakespeare's works as there are references that have been cleverly adapted throughout. Something different to offer those who declare that they have 'read everything'.

Barbara Braxton