Wylah the Koorie warrior: Protectors by Jordan Gould and Richard Pritchard

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Protectors, the third book in Wylah the Koorie Warrior series, will have readers on the edge of their seats from page one. With Wylah now the true Koorie Warrior, her path is not easy and danger lingers all around. The very first paragraphs of this exciting story show Wylah travelling on her loyal Pippy heading into yet another battle with the evil Tiller, Livingstone and Captain Fyre. They are behind the dragons and creatures attacking Wylah and holding her family, friends and tribespeople hostage. Added to this, the Guardians have had their power depleted and can no longer provide Wylah with support. However, Wylah is never one to give up and with her powerful boomerang Kae-Kae, she is able to overrun her enemies and free her people and the Guardians.

But it is not over for Wylah by a long shot. There is a new and more immediate threat and it takes all of Wylah’s loyal companions and Guardians to assist her to once again to try to provide safety for her people. The new battle that ensues leaves the reader breathless. With the Red Dragon becoming the Gold Dragon and doing incredible damage, the heroes of the story are forced to use all of their skills, cunning and power to overcome this powerful creature and those controlling them. At times it feels like the danger may have passed but there is always a controlling sinister presence lurking causing more threats to peace.

The detailed graphic-style images used throughout provide an important visual element as there are many characters in this book, each unique with their own story. On the website Wylah the Koorie Warrior there are fabulous teaching resources including Character Images for Education RESOURCES | Wylah  that will provide children and adults with a clear image of each character.  There is also a Wylah trading card game with colourful glossy images of the main characters to be collected and swapped. Book 4 will be available soon.

Themes: First Nations, Dragons, Megafauna, Culture, Danger, Adventure, Family, Loyalty, Fantasy, Humour.

Kathryn Beilby