World-whizzing facts by Emily Grossman. Illus. by Alice Bowsher

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World-whizzing Facts: Awesome Earth Questions Answered has been written by Dr Emily Grossman, a TV science expert, who answers incredible and important questions about our natural world. Children love finding out the answers to all sorts of questions that adults may not even think about. For example, where would you find the most germs? There are four choices: A. The end of your nose B. A lift button C. Your kitchen table D. A public toilet seat? You will need to read the book to find out! Each question is explained fully before the answer is given. The author cleverly uses humour to encourage the reader and throws in the odd gross fact to keep them engaged, such as the jellyfish excrete their food out of the same hole they take their food in. Each page contains a large amount of small handwritten text that has been placed in chunks with bold, black-lined and grey drawings. There are highlighted key words which are presented in larger lettering. Many environmental issues are discussed and tips for young readers on how to help and make a difference to the pressing issue of the impact of climate change. The contents page is spread over three pages and there is an acknowledgment page at the very back. The author has also included write your own questions pages.

Those children who love facts and learning new knowledge will enjoy this interesting read.

Themes: Science, Climate Change, Questions & Answers, Facts, Animals, Biology, Environmental Issues.

Kathryn Beilby