Wolf Pact by Melissa de la Cruz

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Atom, 2012. ISBN 9781907410185.
(Ages: 14+) Lawson and his pack were once enslaved in the underworld destined to become hounds of hell, but they refused. They managed to escape to earth but that only brought them a little time and their old masters soon catch up with them and take the one thing Lawson cares for most. Lawson and his pack meet Bliss and desperate to find the girl he loves allows her to help them.
Bliss is an ex-vampire and the daughter of Lucifer. Her mother sent her looking for the  escaped wolves to help in the battle against her father. When she finds them the last thing she wants is for them to know who her father is, but when the hell hounds are afraid of her Lawson knows something isn't quite right.
The characters in this book fight for what they believe to be right and don't give up even if there is no hope. It's another werewolf/vampire book, but still really good. I enjoyed reading it and would recommend it. It gives a different variation of both werewolves and vampires and you get to see if from both Lawson's and Bliss's point of view.
Tahlia Kennewell (student)