Wildfire Rescue by Candice Lemon-Scott

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Eco Rangers book 3. New Frontier, 2020. ISBN: 9781925594904.
(Age: 7+ years) Highly recommended. Eco Rangers Wildfire Rescue by Candice Lemon-Scott is the third book in the well written Eco Rangers series. Given the 2019-2020 summer Australia endured with fires in every state, the book is very topical re the dangers faced by Australian wildlife to survive the peril of bushfires. For younger readers this is an insight into the threats faced by wildlife with burn injuries, breathing in too much smoke, losing their habitat and being unable to find food.
The Eco Rangers, Ebony and Jay, are best friends and neighbours who are helping out local vets Dr Tan and Dr Bat with finding injured animals that need immediate care. While searching for injured wildlife they discover a possum covered in ash and with burnt feet. As they prepare to take the possum back to the clinic they stumble upon signs that there are campers in an area that is not open for camping. After settling Mira the now-named possum with the vets, the two Eco Rangers are keen to discover who is camping in the burnt bush and why. While collecting foliage to feed Mira they stumble upon a rock cave where two young campers are hiding out. Eventually the four meet up and face more danger when they themselves are threatened by a wildfire near the campgrounds.
This book is an exciting and very readable story that will entertain young readers as well as older more reluctant readers. In the story there are all the elements that appeal to children: independence, nature, animals, danger and mysteries to be solved as well as parents who support and encourage the Eco Rangers in their environmental pursuits. Themes: Themes: Conservation, Friendship, Environment, Wildfires, Mystery, Australian wildlife, Adventure.
Kathryn Beilby