Wild Symphony by Dan Brown. Illus. by Susan Batori

cover image

Before he wrote classics like The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown wrote music. It was a secret sanctuary for him bringing peace and calm and solace. And in this wonderful, interactive book he has combined those two gifts into a remarkable story for children that offers messages of affirmation and guidance. It is a place for them to seek that same peace and calm and solace.

Led by Maestro Mouse, the reader is taken on a journey of the animal kingdom and invited to learn something from each one that helps them deal with life. At the same time by using a QR code or going to the website, and downloading the app, they can tune into the music of the creatures. Along the way, Maestro Mouse has left surprises - a hiding buzzy bee, jumbled letters that spell out clues, and even a coded message to solve - making this a book that has many layers and which begs to be explored again and again.

Watch the videos for the whole experience, here and here.

Barbara Braxton