Where is galah? by Sally Morgan

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Little Hare Press, 2015. ISBN 9781921894466
(Age: 4+) Recommended. Aboriginal themes. Aboriginal stories. Quest. Australian animals.
In her distinctive style, Morgan shows Dingo searching the bush for Galah. He can see Emu and hear Kookaburra, he can see Eagle and hear Frog, but cannot find Galah. Each page repeats the last seeing one animal and hearing another, but not being able to find Galah. Kids will love to predict and read along with the pages as they are turned. It will not take them long to work out the rhythm of the lines on each page, and as each few sentences talks about hearing an animal, the noise made by the readers and listeners will be infectious. Kookaburra, Crocodile, Frog, Mouse as well as Numbat all have their own noises which the kids will love to replicate, loudly.
On each colourful page readers will be excited to find a range of animals almost hidden in the swirls and patterns. They will easily recognise features of the Australian bush and learn the names of animals they do not know and laugh knowingly when Dingo is tired of his search and does what all tired children do.
This is a charming book. I can easily imagine small children reveling in the features of the animals shown, learning to make the noise that animal makes and learning something new about the environments in which they live. Morgan's enchanting imagery begs to be copied by younger readers with paint, crayon and paper. Their colourful efforts will make a splash in any classroom or on the fridge at home.
Fran Knight