Viral by Robin Cook

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Who would have thought that such a small insect could have such a big impact!

So much can happen in such a short time. In less than a month Brian’s whole life changed.

With the coronavirus pandemic in full swing Brian and his wife Emma are struggling to get their new business off the ground.  A family holiday seems like a good idea to refresh them, but little did the family know that the holiday would change their lives completely.

After enjoying a BBQ on the beach Emma became unwell and the family decided to cut their holiday short and head home. As they traveled home Emma’s condition became dramatically worse leading to a visit to the ED, where she was diagnosed with Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE). To add to the trauma of his sick wife Brian received a huge hospital bill that his insurance refused to pay.

On top of this Brian’s daughter was not herself and slowly becoming more unwell, even with repeated trips to the ED Brian was not able to get them to take the illness seriously. Brian didn’t realize how serious his daughter's illness was as she seemed to get better then sick again then recover and the cycle continued. Everyone kept telling him it was due to his wife being unwell and she was just upset.

Through the troubling times Brian managed to find someone in similar situation to him who was able to support him. Jeanne became a great support to Brian while he was trying to support his daughter through what had happened to her mother.

Through all of this Brian discovers that the hospital and insurance company bosses are out to make money no matter who they hurt in the process, it is all about the bottom line. Brian is determined to expose these people for who they really are.

Remember you should always read the fine print….

This is a gripping story of family struggles and how big business treat the little person.

Themes: Revenge, Insurance Companies, Viruses.

Karen Colliver