Try! by Sharon McGuinness

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Ill. Tom Jellett. Self published flipbook and ebook. 2012.
"Jesse Baxter was crazy about football.
Not soccer.
Not AFL.
Not even rugby union. "
For Jesse, football meant league. Rugby league. Whenever he talked about football, Jesse's palms grew sweaty, his feet itched and his heart beat faster."
All Jesse wanted to do was play real football. But Jesse's mother did not agree - like most mums, she was concerned that he was too small for such a rough-and-tumble sport, particularly when Jesse's nickname was 'Flea'. But persistence (and taking out the garbage) pays off and Jesse gets to join a team. However, he soon learns that while being little can be a barrier, it's just a detour not a roadblock if you are really focused on your goal. His story of triumph over adversity will resonate with many.
Our very own Sharon McGuinness (of Mrs Mac's Library fame) has published this book just in time for the rugby league season when hundreds of Jesses will be signing up for their local league teams and watching their idols play on television. Using her teaching experience and teacher librarian expertise, Sharon has written it for those who are emerging readers ready for novels with short chapters interspersed with terrific illustrations, and is ideal for those boys who are looking for stories about their favourite game that they can read for themselves. It comes complete with links to follow that give more information about the sport, and teaching notes including an interactive whiteboard game and being able to colour the cover in your favourite team colours.There's even an opportunity to submit a book trailer which might be featured on the site.
Try! comes in two formats - a flipbook which is a pdf file that reads like a book for $5.00 or an ebook compatible with a variety of devices for $6.95. All the purchasing details are available from Sharon's new site, Mrs Mac's Books.
I've been anticipating the release of this book for quite some time now, and I'm so glad that it is finally here, because it will fill a gap and a need that will mean that the teacher librarian is just as much a hero as Jesse is. Congratulations, Sharon.
Barbara Braxton