Travelling companions by Antoni Jach

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A nostalgic one for COVID times, this is the recollected experiences of the lone traveller in Europe, serendipitously joining up with other travellers at various times and arranging to meet again in different places in different cities. Along the way they share stories to amuse each other. It is not by chance that the narrator happens to be carrying a copy of The Decameron. Some of the tales told by the luscious Nina could be from a book of that genre.

It is an interesting way to tie together a collection of short stories. The reader can enjoy the stories themselves and also the reactions of the listeners. At times the characters drawn together as the audience also provoke a humorous response, and more than once I could not help but chuckle.

Travelling companions could be regarded as a modern day version of The Decameron or The Canterbury Tales.

Themes: Travelling, Storytelling.

Helen Eddy