These unlucky stars by Gillian McDunn

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These Unlucky Stars, written by Gillian McDunn is a thought-provoking story around the concepts of developing friendships and finding out who you are as a person.  Delving into the challenges of growing up in a small town and discovering more about yourself, this story will engage many readers. They are sure to grow fond of Annie, as she discovers some of the complexities of life and explores her connections with others.

Annie lives with her family that she feels slightly detached from. Her mum left when she was young, and her Dad and brother, Ray, are like two peas in a pod. They both enjoy routines, practicality and predictability. Whereas Annie is creative, loves art and her hometown mountains and is prepared to try new and different things. Annie feels a sense of disconnection from others, and she is not sure where she fits in. On top of all that, she has been given the idea that she is tainted with bad luck and bad things will always happen to her.

While Annie questions her place in the world and struggles to connect with others to form friendships, everything just doesn’t feel right. But when Annie makes a spur of the moment decision, her life is turned upside down. Once again, she sees this as just her continual bad luck…. But sometimes what you first think is bad luck, can actually be the best thing for you. And maybe in our lives, it is in fact ‘not luck, just life’ that we experience.

Gillian McDunn has written an engaging and enchanting story. The reader connects quickly with Annie and her journey. The clear and carefully written story, with clever descriptive texts enables the audience to acquire a clear picture of Annie’s feeling and how she perceives each situation. A beautiful story and journey through life, love and learnings.

Themes: Friendship, Relationships, Growing up.

Michelle O'Connell