The things we did for love by Natasha Farrant

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Faber and Faber, 2012. ISBN 9780571278176.
(Age: 14+) Highly recommended. As World War II rages through Europe, in a small French village of Samaroux Arianne and Luc fall passionately in love. However, it doesn't take long for the German forces to close around their little disregarded town. Luc is unexpectedly summoned into the dangerous world of Resistance, where he is eager to atone for his family's troubled past. Arianne is prepared for anything in order to keep Luc safe at any cost. But there is someone else to whom Arianne is dear. Who also loves her and would stop at nothing to get rid of the opposition.
The things we did for love by Natasha Farrant is a devastating story of first love and war, heartbreak and betrayal. This book will never be forgotten.
It is a book that attracts people with its simple, yet fascinating cover which features a few black roses scattered on a deep blue background. Such image already gives the readers an idea that this novel would be of a serious kind. Natasha Farrant's powerful writing perfectly explains the conditions of what a life is like during war.
Main characters, such as Arianne and Luc struggle to keep each other safe, ready to sacrifice anything in order to protect one another. Their personalities are introduced in a fabulous way, starting with what their childhood was like, ending with their current behaviour. Characters develop throughout this amazing novel, which makes it particularly interesting to read.
Although it is a book about war, the beginning wasn't really cruel or vicious. Introduction was more of a general story about a long forgotten village in France. It was a peaceful town, not involved in the war. Nevertheless I didn't expect the ending to be so violent when the town was taken by the Germans. The conclusion to this novel was rich with descriptions and really enthralling. It was impressive what a war could do to people and how it erased every bit of humane approach from the German intruders.
Overall I would say that this was a remarkable book. It was written with great attention to the actual history of the French Resistance. However I must say that I was entirely astonished when I realized that this book was based on actual facts. As Natasha Farrant said, 'My book is a story, my characters fiction.'
I highly recommend this book.
Nika Aroutiounian (Student)