The smart cookie by Jory John and Pete Oswald

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Not getting the answers right in class, feeling like the others are cleverer than he, this cookie felt left out, alone, bereft of friends until he found the thing he is good at.

Cookie went to school in a gingerbread house and here he expected to do well, but he did not. His grade were not what he wanted, he found that he did not raise his hand in class to answer questions as his answers were sometimes wrong. His teacher was encouraging, but he felt sad. Then one day his teacher gave them a homework assignment, one that made him have an ‘aha’ moment. At first he was flummoxed at her request that the class produce something original and present the next day. He thought and thought and his ‘aha’ moment came when he decided to write a poem.

The next day each of his fellow students presented an amazing array of original things. He felt embarrassed to present his poem amongst so many good offering, but his teacher encouraged him. While reading out his poem, he noticed that the other students were engrossed, nodding at some of the things he said. When he had finished his poem to his great surprise, all his classmates congratulated him, and his teacher told him that no one but he could have written a poem like that.

After that he no longer felt alone at school, he was unafraid to raise his hand in class, even if her gave the wrong answer.

And one night he put on a poetry night to present all his poems to his friends. He had learnt that although he may not be as good as the others in his class at some things, at one thing, he excelled.

Using very funny nods to all things food and cookery, the authors have created a funny picture book, encouraging all readers to be themselves.

This is one on a series of books by these authors, focussing on self worth and confidence. The bad seed, The good egg, The couch potato and The good bean make up the set, ensuring readers will laugh at the jokes within the pages while taking heed of the message given.

Themes: Confidence, Self image, Self worth, Food, Humour.

Fran Knight