The lightning catcher by Clare Weze

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Alfie Bradley is a relatively new resident in his small community where the weather has gone badly awry. A strange man and concerns over his sister’s recovery from severe bullying underlie the drama of the story. Alfie uncovers, releases and befriends a strange ‘electric’ force-to-be-reckoned-with that impacts the entire community and shakes his world and his friendship with his best friend, Sam. This unusual situation explodes with sparks, lightning and extremely bizarre weather conditions in a science-laced drama that is unlike any other.  It is hard to describe the nature of the ‘electric’ friend, but the curious force is intriguing. For Alfie though, his friendship creates an array of problems.

This book is very different and young readers with a hint of science interest will find it appealing, but readers who just enjoy fantasy woven into a real-world tale will also be intrigued. The author has gently and compassionately commented on the impact of bullying and Alfie’s brief visit to a youth detention facility is handled sympathetically. This can be recommended to capable readers aged 10+.

Themes: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Weather.

Carolyn Hull