The funny life of sharks by James Campbell

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Illus. by Rob Jones. Bloomsbury Children's Books, 2020. ISBN: 9781526615497.
(Age: 8+ years) Recommended. The funny life of sharks is the third book in The funny life of . . . series by author James Campbell and illustrator Rob Jones. Before reading, a warning is given that this is not a fact book and it is a book for four different types of people: People who love sharks; People who do not like sharks; People who are sharks; People who have no interest in sharks. The reader learns that this is not an ordinary read where you read from front to back but a book where you can begin or end where you want or follow the signposts throughout the book. Finally, on Page 14 the book begins with signposts to other pages. There are interesting shark facts spread throughout the book and clever use of humour e.g. Nurse sharks have been given that name as they are used in hospitals as a way of keeping patients quiet and you are more likely to be killed by your toaster than a shark.
While this book claims that it is not a fact book, the author has a strong environmental message regarding plastics in the oceans and endangered animals. There are also other interesting facets of information about things related to sharks or not related at all. Adelaide, S.A., even has its own page of information based on great white shark attacks. The clever illustrations by Rob Jones complement the text perfectly.
This is both a humorous and enjoyable read that will entertain readers both young and old. Themes: Sharks, Environmental facts, Humour.
Kathryn Beilby