Thank you by Jarvis

cover image

An eye catching front cover entices all to open the book and see what thank you means.  A wonderful exploration of many things in our universe are thanked, encouraging young readers to look again at things in their surrounds and think about what they mean in their lives. What do we owe the sun that brightly shines during the day, why should we thank the moon for night, or the trees, and various colours. Each page offers a different object to be thanked; the child’s boots, his hat, the clouds, the geese, the toothbrush and the bath. Each offers a reason why this is to be thanked, prodding children perhaps to add to why this object is being thanked recalling the importance of this in their lives. Each offers a helping hand to our lives, and children will see that things around us are to be cherished.

The underlying humour is just gorgeous, causing children to laugh with recognition. How can a tooth brush be thanked, they will ask, noting a chore that must be done, but equally seeing it as necessary. On one double page children will laugh at the reason the tyrannosaurus is thanked, and on another his sister is thanked for going in first, and telling him that the water is brilliant.

This inviting book will encourage readers to think about why they should thank something, thanking them for being part of their lives.

The wonderful illustrations are scattered across each page, underlying family and friendships as they sit down for a meal together, or ride a train, jump into the pool, ride a bicycle, play out in the rain, snuggle under a lovely patchwork cover. The vibrant colours are used to highlight aspects of this boy’s life, and the reader will follow his path with his knitted beanie with excitement. Readers will think about the things that are important to them and need to be thanked and acknowledged.

This is a lovely book to share.

Themes: Family, Friendship, Acknowledgement, Humour.

Fran Knight