Superstar Tapir by Polly Faber and Clara Vulliamy

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Mango and Bambang, book 4. Walker Books, 2016. ISBN 9781406361490
(Age: 7-10) Highly recommended. Superstar Tapir is the fourth book in this delightful series starring Mango and the tapir Bambang. It is divided into four separate stories, each quite unique and interesting.
In Snow day, Bambang is intrigued about the idea of snow and wonders just what it, is, and even though there is no snow around, Mango comes up with lots of different ideas about what snow looks like and feels like. Their adventures culminate in a ride in George's wagon, pretending to be a snow sled and when they stand under a blossom tree they pretend that it is now and they and make a snow angel out of the blossoms.
A night at the fair sees Mango's father finally leaving his study to take them off to the fair. After he wins them toys at the hoopla stall, Mango and Bambang go to see the Egyptian treasures where they are accosted by their old enemy Cynthia Prickle-Posset. What adventures!
Their friend, Rocket the dog faces some trials in Rocket to the moon, when he is convinced that he has found a space ship to take him away. Mango and Bambang have to use all their ingenuity to find him when he disappears.
In A tiny tapir's tears, Guntur the tiny tapir reappears as a star in Minty Verbena's latest movie. Mango and Bambang are invited to the opening and here they have to rescue him when he begins to fall from a collapsing chandelier.
All the stories are a pleasure to read and the black and orange illustrations add to the interest and humour.
Pat Pledger