Super Sloth: Revenge of the chick-oats by Aleesah Darlison. Illus. by Cheri Hughes

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Super Sloth: Revenge of the chick-oats by Aleesah Darlison is a wonderful second episode in the Super Sloth series. Bringing readers another action-packed adventure, this story is full of suspense, excitement and lighthearted humour that will keep the audience engaged from start to finish.

We join Romeo, the super cute sloth with extraordinary powers, as he teams up once again with his trusty friends Tulip the cheetah, Ham and Beth to protect New York City from the despicable plans of their arch nemesis Professor Weird-Warp. The Professor's latest scheme involves creating mutant chick-oats - chickens crossed with goats - to wreak havoc by devouring everything in their path. As chaos ensues, and fear grips the city, the inhabitants pin their hopes on Super Sloth to save the day. But, can Super sloth save the city, or will the powers of the Professor prove too strong?

This book is quite unique with its blend of imaginative storytelling and endearing characters. From driving a Tesla and Vespa vehicle, to using invisible cloaks and secret hide outs, this story brings superheroes into the present! Romeo has spunky determination and Tulip has super fierce loyalty, but each one of the team bring special qualities that are both loveable and admirable.  

Illustrated delightfully by Cheri Hughes, the black and white illustrations add another layer of charm to the story. Bringing the characters and their adventures to life in vivid detail, her expressive artwork captures the essence of the story and helps to immerse readers in the adventurous world of Super Sloth.

Super Sloth: Revenge of the chick-oats is a delightful and innovative tale that is sure to captivate young readers. This short novel will appeal to anyone looking for some fun and an exciting adventure. Darlison and Hughes have delivered another winner to the Super Sloth series. A story about the power of friendship, courage and teamwork; reinforcing the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity and the triumph of good over evil.

Themes: Superheroes, Teamwork, Friendship, Problem solving, Persistence, Caring.

Michelle O'Connell