Squish Rabbit's pet by Katherine Battersby

cover image

University of Queensland Press, 2019. ISBN: 9780702260469.
(Age: 3-5) Recommended. Themes: Friendship, Responsibility, Love, Pets, Eggs, Dreams. This is the third book featuring the cute little rabbit Squish and once again children will delight in the soft cover and the appealing illustrations. It follows Squish Rabbit and Brave Squish Rabbit. Squish has big dreams - a field of never-ending carrots, matching outfits with his friend Twitch but what he really wants is a puppy. Twitch helps him out with a toy puppy but it wasn't quite right and when Squish finds a lonely egg while out walking he brings it home, hoping that it will hatch a puppy. He patiently cares for the egg and finally finds a friend.
Children will have lots of fun, knowing that eggs don't hatch puppies, and will try to predict just what might hatch out of the egg which looks similar to an Easter egg. What if it is a crocodile? What will Squish do? This could lead to discussion about the responsibility of looking after different pets and the joy of owning one. Friendship too is an important theme and Twitch is helpful and caring as he aids his friend in his quest for a pet.
The line drawings of Squish are amazing - his feeling are apparent, even though there are just a few black outlines on his face. The soft pastels of the egg and background contrast beautifully with the illustrations of the friends and toys. Each time the book is read, the reader can find more to look at and think about.
Children who loved the first books will welcome another tale about Squish, and teachers will find the teacher notes a handy reference.
Pat Pledger