Squish rabbit by Katherine Battersby

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University of Queensland Press. 2014. ISBN 9780702253447
(Age: Preschool - Yr 1) Recommended. Board book. Friendship. Size. CBC Children's Choice book in the US (2012). It was also shortlisted for the Crichton Award and was a Notable Book in the Australian CBCA Book of the Year Awards (2012).

'Squish was just a little rabbit.
But being little led to big problems.

It's not always easy to make friends when you are small and are easily overlooked. In fact sometimes Squish Rabbit is so small that he is squished by bigger creatures because he is so small. He tries all sorts of things to find a friend. He makes a cloth toy but 'pretend friends can only do so much', and playing with the trees made the apples fall on him. When he throws a tantrum, an unexpected event occurs and he finds a friend who makes him feel bigger.
A delightful story about loneliness, feeling small and neglected and the power of friendship, this reissue of Squish Rabbit in a board book format will be a boon for very young children. It is a really good read aloud and is sturdy enough for little fingers to handle and enjoy.
The illustrations are very simple but very appealing and there are tiny details that the more astute reader will notice and find entertaining. The drawings of Squish Rabbit give him a real character that is easy to identify with and the collage effect of the trees and the bold background colours give depth.
An exceptionally fine book for young children, this would be an ideal gift or just a wonderful book to have on hand to read aloud.
Pat Pledger