Snow White's escape by Zhao Lihong. Illus. by Claudia Navarro

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Author of Snow White’s Escape, Zhao Lihong, is a famous writer in China who has published more than 80 publications, many of which have been translated into different languages and published abroad. This simple and accessible tale about kindness is tells of a young boy called Liang who stays with his Grandmother during the summer holidays. Liang is often teased about his flapping ears and is called bunny goat by other children. While he does not like the name calling, he does love the three goats at his grandmother’s farm.

One day a circus comes to town and the children all attend. Snow White, a male goat, has been trained to walk along a tightrope. Sadly, at this performance Snow White falls and injures his leg. During the night, Snow White escapes to Grandmother’s farm and is placed with the other goats. Liang does not want Snow White to go back to the circus as he knows it is dangerous for him to perform that trick again. Grandmother talks to the owner of the circus and it all works out happily in the end.

The delightful graphic-style illustrations in tones of red, black, white and grey perfectly complement the written text. There are teaching notes available.

Themes: Circus, Circus Acts, Goats, Friendship, Family, Kindness.

Kathryn Beilby