Scarlet and Ivy: The lights under the lake by Sophie Cleverly

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Harper Collins, 2017. ISBN 9780008218324
(Age; 9+) Highly recommended. The lights under the lake is another instalment in the Scarlet and Ivyseries and is just as much of an adventure and a mystery as the other books. The great thing about these books is that they are stand alone stories, hinting at events in previous books to keep the readers up to date with what is going on. Like the others, The lights under the lake will keep readers wondering who is behind the mysterious events.
Scarlet, Ivy, Ariadne and Rose all attend Rookwood School and have become close friends, protecting each other through everything. As part of a plan to relax and forget about the horrible events at the school, the principal has organised a school excursion to a lakeside hotel. It will be a chance for the girls to relax and learn about nature. Unfortunately, the nasty prefects are in charge, mysterious objects keep appearing in the hotel and someone is ransacking rooms. The nasty prefects keep targeting Rose. Scarlet, Ivy and Ariadne really don't know a lot about Rose and doubts start to set in. Will the girls be able to save Rose from the prefects and her past?
The lights under the lake is a mystery and an adventure with excellent role models for girls. Scarlet and Ivy are twins and always looking out each other. They will do anything for their friends and are always working at overcoming their fears. Ivy is the voice of reason while Scarlet acts before she thinks. The difference is, Scarlet's seemingly inappropriate behaviour is always in defence of someone she loves. Ariadne is intelligent and not afraid to show it.
The story is descriptive and the vocabulary is easy and exciting to read. Author, Sophie Cleverly, gives away just enough to keep the reader guessing and they won't solve the mystery straight away. Highly recommended for girls aged 9+.
Kylie Kempster