Rainbowsaurus by Steve Antony

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We're following a rainbow to find the Rainbowsaurus. We're following a rainbow. Would you like to join us?

Two dads and their three children set off on an adventure to find the Rainbowsaurus. On their way, they meet animals that are all the colours of the rainbow who all want to find the Rainbowsaurus, too.

This is a fun read for little ones as they join the quest with its crazy collection of creatures, all different colours and lots of opportunities to join in with the noises and actions as they seek the Rainbowsaurus. And if that isn't enough there is always the song to sing as it has been set to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ...

Music, movement, colour and a dinosaur - what's not to love? Especially if the young reader is invited to be a creature and colour of their choosing and really join in!

Themes: Rainbows, Dinosaurs, Homosexuality.

Barbara Braxton