Pugnacious & Scuttlebutt - Ready ... Steady...ITCH! by Adam Wallace. Illus. Wayne Bryant

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Two dogs with nothing in common, could they possibly find some common ground?

Pugnacious & Scuttlebutt Ready… Steady… ITCH written and illustrated by Adam Wallace and Wayne Bryant is hilarious. Be entertained by the frivolity and silliness of two dogs who are thrown together under terrible circumstances. Could anything good come from it?

Filled with wit, humour and ingenuity, this story will keep its audience captivated until the very end. Fun and light-hearted, this is an enjoyable read that will tantalise the reading tastebuds of even those reluctant readers. If you like a little adventure and enjoy a huge laugh, you must meet these two unfortunate mutts.

Pugnacious is the most volatile creature. He is mean, nasty, vicious and awful, and always looking for a fight wherever he goes and whatever the circumstance. He will turn the most innocent situation into something mean. But maybe he is just misunderstood?

Scuttlebutt is the fastest greyhound ever. That is, until a nasty prank sees his butt itching like nobody’s business. Now he can’t concentrate on anything but his butt! Will he ever be able to focus on anything else again?

This fabulous short fiction novel is extremely fast paced with a highly energetic and engaging storyline. Filled with loads of fun black and white cartoon pictures, speech text and action, and in a style mixed between a graphic novel and standard novel, this targets a wider audience and will appeal to many. Containing short chapters, large print and a really cool layout, this is a great story for all ages. Similar in format to Adam Wallace’s previous series, FARTBOY, so, if you enjoyed them, then you certainly won’t be disappointed.

If you love a little bit of silly humour, and loads of butt jokes, then you won’t be able to resist reading this one.

Themes: Dogs, Problem solving, Friendship, Humour.

Michelle O'Connell