Princess Betony and the Unicorn by Pamela Freeman

cover image

Walker, 2012. ISBN: 9781921720239.
When Princess Betony's mother disappears into the Dark Forest, a place humans are forbidden to enter, she cannot obey the rules and attempts to follow her mother, the dryad, to ensure that she returns to her family. To add to the challenge, the Princess must first catch a unicorn. Will she be successful in her quest?
Pamela Freeman has proven herself to be a competent and engaging author, able to attract the attention of her younger readers and the format of this delightful gift book, styled after Beatrix Potter's original titles, is bound to delight. With the addition of some simple illustrations by Tamsin Ainslie, this holds much appeal and intrigues the reader with the promise of further stories to follow.
Having searched for the author online, I was quite taken by her website on which she includes some of the beautiful illustrations from Princess Betony, a book trailer and games and puzzles which are bound to appeal to young girls as well. This clever aspect to the marketing of books is bound to lead a few more readers to investigate Freeman's books.
Jo Schenkel