Plantabulous! More A to Z of Australian plants by Catherine Clowes. Illus. by Rachel Gyan

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Plantabulous! More A to Z of Australian Plants is the companion book to Plantastic: A to Z of Australian Plants published in 2021. In this latest release 26 more unique Australian native plants are introduced in alphabetical order. As with the first book, the gorgeous cover by Rachel Gyan will entice middle grade readers to explore this engaging publication.

The author gives the reader a brief introduction to Australian plants and their distinctive, often unknown qualities in the beginning of the book. There is a detailed contents page naming the 26 plants discussed followed by information about ‘How to Use this Book’ and a gentle reminder to avoid going off track to minimise plant damage.

The plants begin with ‘A for Ant Plant’ and end with ‘Z for Zostera’. Each plant has its own double page spread with information, colourful illustrations and some labelled diagrams. Included is a Genus name with its pronunciation, the common name and where possible an Indigenous name. For example, the Burrawang plant is the name used by the Dharuk people from the Sydney area. This plant has been around from the time of dinosaurs and is a type of cycad.

Each of the 26 plants has an interesting plantabulous fact and an activity which provides the reader with an idea of what to look for if searching for the plant. By using the map and plant ecoregions guide at the back of the book, it is possible to find plants in each state of Australia. The glossary and acknowledgments complete the back section. The front endpapers show alphabet letters and the back endpapers show clearly labelled plant sections.

Plantabulous! More A to Z of Australian Plants is another wonderful resource to add to a home, school or public library. Young botanists will learn so many fascinating facts about our Australian flora in this beautifully presented book. There are free Teacher Notes available.

Themes: Australian native plants.

Kathryn Beilby