Penelope Snoop Ace detective by Pamela Butchart. Illus. by Christine Roussey

cover image

An adventurous dive into the imaginative world of a 4-year-old child’s life, where the mystery of the disappearance of Sidney the sock snake is needing to be solved.  Sidney is Penelope's special toy that goes with her everywhere - while she brushes her teeth, as she is eating etc. Penelope is the best “finder outer” in the world and, with her side-kick Carlos the dog, she gets her Finder-outer kit and goes through the clues to realize that Sidney must have been stolen.  We are then treated to a delightful romp through the house, the garden, the treehouse, and even to the moon, and back again, only to discover that Mum knows more about Sidney’s disappearance than the frog fountain in the garden. Christine Roussey has used child-like pencil drawings to create bright and busy illustrations with generous splashes of neon pink that make Penelope’s lively personality pop out of the book. 

A quirky fun book that will encourage children to use their imaginations and explore the world around them during play.

Themes: Play, Mystery.

Gabrielle Anderson