Ninja Kid: From nerd to ninja by Anh Do

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Ill. by Jeremy Ley. Ninja Kid book 1. Scholastic, 2018. ISBN 9781742993263
(Age: 7+) Recommended. Themes: Superheroes. Inventions.
Nelson does not seem like a Superhero. In fact, he can only be described as a 'Nerd'... until his 10th birthday. Nelson's family are not wealthy - they even live in a junkyard. His Dad is no longer on the scene and his grandmother is an inventor and recycler with unique talents. On his 10th birthday, Nelson is transformed in amazing ways and although he is not prepared to become a Superhero, his new talents will be needed. He may even be needed to save the world! (Initially he may also need some extra help from his perpetually hungry cousin, Kenny.)
This is a simply written adventure that will appeal to Anh Do's fan base. With comic illustrations by Jeremy Ley dotted through the narrative, the book will not challenge a capable reader, but will appeal to early chapter book readers and those wanting an amusing 'quick read'.
Carolyn Hull