Ninja Kid 6 : Ninja Giants! by Anh Do

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Illus. by Anton Emdin. Scholastic, 2020. ISBN: 9781743835135.
(Age: 6+) This is the most recent humorous story in the Ninja Kid series. Nelson Kane who lives with his mother, grandma and cousin Kenny, was a nerd for the first nine years of his life. On his tenth birthday he developed Ninja Powers and his whole life changed after he became the Ninja Kid. Cousin Kenny is his sidekick H-DUDE and they spend their super hero moments stopping Nelson's evil uncle Dr Kane from destroying the town of Duck Creek. In Book 6 the school students will be attending the Duck Creek Halloween Fair. Nelson and Kenny are hoping to be tall enough this year to go on all the amazing rides and of course cannot resist trying out grandma's latest invention - The Size Converter - even after they were told not to play with it. Instead of becoming taller the boys' size is halved and that poses hilarious complications for them to deal with. While at the fair Dr Kane unleashes his two evil companions Einstein and Ultimate Ninja on the unsuspecting crowd and mayhem takes place. The T-Rex Tail of Terror ride becomes alive and stomps all over the fair ground. The other students are hoping the two anonymous super heroes will arrive but as they are half their size they will have little effect on the damage. Fortunately grandma arrives just in time with a recharged Size Converter and zaps the boys to a different size. An exciting battle takes place between the superheroes, Einstein and the Ultimate Ninja with the boys eventually triumphing. At the end of the battle Nelson confirms a suspicion he has had about the identity of the Ultimate Ninja and talks it through with his mother and grandma.
Throughout the story the bold text and graphic illustrations add to the enjoyment of the story for readers of all ages. Themes: Humour, Friends, Fair, Good vs Evil, Super Heroes, Inventions.
Kathryn Beilby