My sister the Vampire: Star style by Sienna Mercer

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Egmont, 2011.ISBN 9781405257008.
This book is one in a series about identical twins Ivy Vega and Olivia Abbott. The girls have been brought up in separate families and only discovered each other as teenagers. Despite Ivy being a publicity shy blood snacking vampire and Olivia an extroverted vegetarian the girls have plenty of shared adventures.
This book finds Ivy and Olivia taking on Hollywood. Olivia wins a prized role in an upcoming movie but there's a catch. The director is adamant that Ivy must also star in the movie much to her horror. In the meantime Olivia is forced to keep her relationship with dreamy teen superstar, Jackson Caulfield, under wraps. Jealous vamp actress, Jessica Phelps, has some ideas of her own.
Vampire stories are all the rage for adolescents although the vampire association in this story is minimal. Light on meaningful insights, this novel is probably best suited to younger teens.
Tina Cain