My First Elmer Collection by David McKee

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Random House, 2014. ISBN 9781783441792
(Age: Pre-School) If the preschool children in your life haven't been introduced to Elmer yet then you need to read the first story in the series. He is a perennial favourite, even with children much older than the target market of preschoolers.
In this collection of board books just the right size for small fingers, there are four titles - Elmer's Day, Elmer's Colours, Elmer's Friends and Elmer's Weather. Each is perfectly pitched at the youngest of readers, introducing them to basic concepts about their world while bringing delight and laughter. McKee's bright pictures appeal enormously and he is a most recognisable character.
It is 25 years since we were first introduced to Elmer, and given the delight a group of Year 2 students took in exploring stories about him just a week ago, it is clear that that appeal is not going to fade. This would be an ideal set to begin your child's reading journey. Recommend it to your parents for their Christmas list because they can build on it for several years! Perhaps one family member can become the 'Elmer giver'.
Barbara Braxton