My first book of sea creatures by Zoe Ingram illus.

cover image

This book has been beautifully crafted with a simple, colourful and modern design that would easily entice a young reader into the world of marine animals. Starting with a rich mix of creatures on the front cover the book presents double-page spreads of information about each of 20 animals.

The information is parcelled in simple easy to understand and interesting segments arranged around a rich and stunning illustration. Everything is provided for a young reader who might need to know about an animal’s individual features eg. size, habitat, weight, diet and lifespan.

From clown fish and hermit crabs to the deep diving narwhal and the blue moon fish, this book will provide much new and interesting information. The size of each animal is presented in an interesting comparison with known objects such as a football, bike or a bus. Also, each animal has a ‘Did you know?’ section with an interesting fact.

The author illustrator provides a rich, modern, simple and bright enticement for the young marine scientist.

Themes: Marine animals.

Paul Pledger