Legend of the three moons by Patricia Bernard

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Clan Destine Press, 2013. ISBN 9780987271709.
Recommended for readers 10-12 years old. Themes: Magic, Memory, Monsters, Adventure stories, Fantasy. Five young royal teenagers are kept as prisoners in a magical forest limited by their memories which last only twenty four hours. Their journey begins with Lem's braving the wild elemental storm that occurs on the three moon eclipse. In doing so he receives the moons' song, a portent of the quest they need to undertake to free the five captured kings and queens' of M'dgassy. Their tasks involve finding an imprisoned dragon, an caged merwoman, a poisoned tree and a chained eagle. Chad, Swift, Celeste, Lem and Lyla then discover a jewelled casket and find the explanation of their spell-protected life by their royal parents and the reason for their quest.
Each of the children has a special magical quality that aids in their journey to find the talismans and to fight all manner of evil creatures along their way. Each decision is fraught with danger and they suffer hunger and thirst, injury and sleep deprivation. Their bonds of friendship and loyalty are strengths and they show compassion and care to those that assist them.
Patricia Bernard's fantasy adventure is fast-paced, her protagonists relatable and her setting the Kingdom of M'dgassy filled with enough diabolical villains, from becamed creatures the Goch and Enkidu, frightening mudmen to poisoned trees.
Teacher's notes are provided on her website.  An overview of the kingdom, a more detailed map and a cast of characters would have been useful additions.
Rhyllis Bignell