Kids who did - Real kids who ruled, rebelled, survived and thrived by Kirsty Murray

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Allen and Unwin, 2019. ISBN: 9781760524470.
(Age: 10+) Highly recommended. Themes: Children; Biography; Survival; Overcoming difficulties; Fear; Prejudice; War; Sports; Heroes and heroism. This is a collection of biographical accounts of the lives of young people who have made a difference or who are worthy of being noticed. Beginning with stories of ordinary kids and their acts of bravery in extreme circumstances, it moves through an array of amazing stories - whiz-kids using their extreme intelligence; wild and feral children from history; historical rulers who struggled to maintain power; rebels, battlers, change agents and survivors who, despite their youth, were doing more than might be expected of people so young.
This is an amazing and inspiring assortment of young people, many of whom are not well known, and from all corners of the globe. The consequence of this selection is that the reader discovers motivation from the 'ordinary' beginnings of many of these change-makers. Often their mark on the world has been significant and is still evident. Some stories from History are quite confronting - Holocaust and Child exploitation survivors; but there are also uplifting accounts of heroism and personal resilience.
This book is written in an easy-to-read style with segues into each section written in bold font to introduce a new direction. Kirsty Murray's clear style will appeal to young readers. This will certainly be a book that I will be recommending to encourage the reading of the Biography genre.
Highly recommended for ages 10+.
Carolyn Hull