Kaldoras: The Medoran Chronicles Epilogue by Lynette Noni

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Join Alexandra Jennings and her friends for one last adventure across Medora, starting with Alex and her friends at the first Kaldoras after the war - with all the changes that came from that, and the new changes that are to come. Alex has a new tradition of taking a piece of cake into the painting in the library, and Kaldoras is no exception to this, so she sets off with a piece of cake and the expectation that she will be met with the same anger and hate - only this time, something is different, something shocking...
Fans of the Medoran Chronicles were ecstatic that Lynette Noni announced that she was going to revisit the series with a new release Kaldoras. While not an overly large book, it does not disappoint! All your favourite characters are back, and even some of your not favourite characters… Joining Alex and her friends after their studies and in their after school lives, in big moments, in significant moments, in everyday life and in seeing where life is taking them. Written in the perfection that fans have come to expect from Noni, the book is written in multiple parts – with a different character being the narrator for different parts. Moving swiftly as other Medoran Chronicle novels do, Kaldoras will take readers through a range of emotions. Some readers will face a difficult choice – reread the entire series before reading Kaldoras, or dive straight in? And then when they finish Kaldoras – what will they do with the questions Noni has left them… An absolute must for fans of the series and fans of Lynette Noni’s work. The book does contain spoilers for the rest of the series, so it is imperative that readers have finished the other books before commencing this one.

Themes: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Humour, Relationships, Love, Family, Friends, Trauma.

Melanie Pages