Jingle smells by Mark Sperring and Sophie Corrigan

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From the author and illustrator of Mince Spies and Santa Jaws comes another hilarious offering for the festive season. Jingle is a little skunk who advises everyone to hold their noses as he passes by and is devastated when the town’s Christmas tree falls ‘with a giant, creaking crash,’ overcome by his smell. He believes that he has ruined Christmas, but when robbers capture Santa Claus, it is his stinky smell that saves the day.

Like his two previous Christmas stories this is a very funny tale that is a great read aloud with its rhythm and rhymes.

Jingle Smells, Jingle Smells
Jingle all the way,
Oh what fun it is to be
a skunk on Santa's sleigh!

The inclusion of large print to emphasise words and ideas will help the reader, both adult and emergent, and adds to the fun. Children will be introduced to the little skunk and will have the opportunity to learn about this animal and its smell in funny situations. Meanwhile the way the robbers put things right is a subtle lesson that bad deeds can be atoned.

Sophie Corrigan’s illustrations are very appealing. Jingle, with his red cap and scarf is very cute, the robbers with their black masks are slightly scary and Santa of course, has a beautiful grin.

This is another great Christmas book to add to the collection, both family and library and will provide lots of laughs on rereading as more details are discovered.

Themes: Christmas, Skunks, Smells, Humour.

Pat Pledger