How to save the whole blinkin' planet by Lee Constable. Illus. by Aska

cover image

For those readers fascinated by electricity and renewable energy, this new release which is a companion to How to Save the Whole Stinkin’ Planet, will provide extremely valuable information. The book begins with a contents page and an excellent introduction that explains electricity, its uses, the problems with using it, how WE can change the negatives into positives, as well as introducing Imagineering 101 which is a combination imagination and engineer.  There is a very handy page on how to use the book broken down into the following stages with individual graphic symbols to be easily identified; Switch on, Snapshot, Blink Forward, Get Active, Lightning Quoz, Level Up with Flash Facts included.

The journey for the reader begins with meeting superhero engineer, Captain Kilowatt in the Imagineering Academy. They will tell the journey in first person and fill the readers head with so much important information to ponder over, investigate and maybe act upon. There are questions, quizzes and opportunities to scan QR codes to consolidate knowledge.

This engaging and often humorous book is highly accessible for all middle grade readers with clear headings and significant white space surrounding the text. The graphic-style images and diagrams add to the visual appeal and reinforce understanding of the information presented.

Themes: Science, Electricity, Future, Renewable Energy, Fossil Fuels, Climate Change.

Kathryn Beilby