Hope on the horizon by Onjali Q. Rauf

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Award winning author and activist, Onjali Q. Rauf, has written an engaging and practical book about helping the younger generation tackle issues of concern. Growing up in today’s fast paced and digitalised world, young people are constantly bombarded with so much information that they often lose focus on what really counts in their own lives. This book explains, with honesty and humour, how they can go about making a difference and become a change maker when they feel something is unjust.

Hope on the Horizon begins with a very personal note to the reader about some issues discussed in the book which could cause concern and may need a trusted and understanding adult to be supportive as topics related to discrimination, injustice and prejudice are raised. Following this is the introduction, where the author asks the reader to answer some questions about themselves. Once this is completed, Onjali shares all kinds of information about herself which is enlightening and refreshing to read. Above all else, Onjali believes kindness is the most important of all things to be considered.

Throughout this non-fiction handbook are stories and suggestions from a variety of different places. Each of the ten chapters is based on one or more of the attributes of kindness: empathy, compassion, offering friendship and hope, and creating change. There are discussions, ideas presented and the opportunity for the reader to learn valuable skills in making a difference, however big or small. Included are graphic images throughout, text bubbles, highlighted words and sayings plus the chance for self-reflection. The final pages include an excellent reading and viewing list, a detailed glossary and links to resources and charities including Australian organisations, Kids Helpline and headspace.  

This new release could be used as a valuable class discussion text when looking at life skills or well-being concerns.

Themes: Kindness, Change, Inspiration, Positive thinking, Equality, Compassion, Worries.

Kathryn Beilby