Henry and the Yeti by Russell Ayto

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Bloomsbury, 2017. ISBN 9781408876619
(Age: 4+) Recommended. Mythical creatures. Adventure. Exploration. Self belief. Russell really believes that yetis exist but some others do not share his strong belief, so he sets off to prove they really do exist.
So begins an adventure which sees him set off for the mountains far away to find one. He tells his headteacher who laughs but reminds him to bring back evidence. His Dad reminds him not to stay up too late. He packs his essential things: a telescope, waterproof hammock, compass, camera and rope. He goes through a dense forest and takes a ship over the sea, then finds the mountains, and climbs them in search of the yeti. Just as he begins to lose hope, he bumps into two tall legs. He has found the yeti, and he is much taller than he thought. He takes copious photos with his camera, for evidence, and after playing games with the creature, goes back home. Here he unpacks to give the laughing headteacher the evidence he wants, but Henry cannot find his camera. Without that he cannot prove that he saw the yeti.
The school students begin to laugh once again, but the yeti appears, giving Henry back his camera. Henry is vindicated.
This is a wonderful tale of believing in yourself, of questioning what others may say and of seeking something out for yourself. Henry is a most likeable character, with his large round eyes, huge backpack and unshakeable belief. The uncluttered illustrations will entice students to look more closely at each page, smiling at the path Henry takes in finding a yeti.
Fran Knight