Hazard River: Bat Attack by J.E. Fison

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Ford Street Publishing, 2011. ISBN 9781921665141
Hazard River: Bat Attack is a quick moving story (it lasts a day and a night) that I highly recommend for 9 -11 year old boys or any child who likes an adventure. It should have even the most reluctant reader reading - especially with some of the hilarious scenes described that will appeal to boys!
Bat Attack has an easy to read text that is told by Jack Wilde, the main character. His family is on holiday in Hazard River and as Jack and his friends are getting ready for the New Year Disco, they are run off the road by a big-eared man! The adventure and mystery begins. Who is this man who blames kids for his bad driving?
This incident leads Jack, his brother and two other friends on an adventure into the Australian bush and on path to saving the home of the Australian ghost bat. The friends are attacked, steal a car, find dynamite, get chased and eventually save the day. The good thing about Jack's character is he is a great role model for boys. Yes, he gets up to all sorts of mischief, boys do, but despite this he doesn't look for recognition for saving the day, he cares for his brother (despite his peculiar habits) and he wants to look after the environment even if it means he loses the treasure!
Kylie Kempster