Happy all over by Emma Quay

cover image

There is happiness everyday in the smallest of things, this book is a celebration of the everyday things that make us happy. Readers will love seeing the characters act out the things that make them happy, and from the cover, we are exposed to a myriad of happiness inviting activities to start the smiles happening.    

From being happy on the inside to splashing the happiness all around, little things happen all day long to top up that inner happiness. It can be as small as a drip, or come like a gush, or after a dive, a spin or a flutter. It can be a star, or a space on the floor, or someone unexpected at the door, or finding there are five to the expected four.

It can be a huff and a puff blowing out candles, to the joy of finding some leftovers after others have left some. It could come out of the games being played with others, racing to the bottom, or playing piggy in the middle, or splashing in the pool,  getting a warm hug, or seeing the new moon. Lots of wonderful things are mentioned, which will make every reader stop and think. Happiness can be a splash or a dash, it can be once in a while, a blanket, a hollow.

All of these and more make us feel happy, and the readers will identify with many of them and will love adding their own things that make them feel happy.

The happy illustrations are infectious, full of laughter and humour and colour and movement, and will engage the readers as they peruse each page and laugh along with the characters depicted.

Themes: Happiness, Cooperation, Activities, Humour.

Fran Knight