Fossils from lost worlds by Helen Rajcak and Damien Laverdunt

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Did you know the oldest evidence of animals, fossilized animal tracks dating back 560 million years, was found in the Ediacara Hills in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia? Those adults and younger readers who are fascinated with palaeontology will be drawn to this new release, Fossils from Lost Worlds, as it discusses so much of what piques and maintains their interest. The book was originally published in France and the preface from the Head of Palaeontology at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris begins the journey into the book. There is a double Contents page clearly set out with images, topics covered and a list of the dinosaurs discussed. A detailed map of the geographical periods follows with illustrations, labels and highlighted text boxes showing important events that occurred over time. Each page uses a variety of visual techniques including graphics to focus on a different aspect or creature which allows the text to be segmented into readable and engaging chunks complete with detailed illustrations. The fascinating information conveyed is not onerous or complicated and will appeal to younger children and reluctant older readers. At the end of the book is an extensive but clearly presented Brief History of Palaeontology.

This book is an excellent new resource for home, school and public libraries.

Themes: Palaeontology, Dinosaurs, Palaeontologists, Research, Geographical Features.

Kathryn Beilby