Dr Karl's little book of dinos by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

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Ill. by Russell Jeffery. Pan Australia, 2017. ISBN 9781925481242
(Age: 9+) Recommended. Dinosaurs. Filled with lots of details about dinosaurs as well as puzzles, quizzes and activities this is a wonderful book for the child who loves dinosaurs as well as a useful addition to a school or public library collection.
It is divided into 5 sections. 'Who am I?' gives details about Dr Karl, while 'Who are you?' gives the owner of the book the chance to fill out personal details about themselves, including drawing a picture of what they think they will look like in the future. In 'Dr Karl says', three facts are given about dinosaurs that he really wants the reader to know: 1. They had funny lungs. 2. They got wiped out by an asteroid and 3. Half a million cubic kilometres of cooled lava, also helped to kill them. The bulk of the book, 'Dyno Dynamos', is taken up with interesting dinosaur facts, drawings and sections for the reader to fill in, e.g. they are given instructions on how to draw a tyrannosauros rex and can also do word puzzles. Russell Jeffery's black and white illustrations are a boon, helping the reader understand what dinosaurs look like and aiding in the instructions for drawing.
This is a companion volume to Dr Karl's Little Book of Space and is equally as interesting and instructive.
Pat Pledger