Do you know where the animals live? by Peter Wohlleben

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Peter Wohlleben, the author of The Hidden Life of Trees has written another attractive and appealing non-fiction book which clearly showcases his passion and enthusiasm for the animal world. The book begins with an introduction ‘Let’s go on a journey of discovery’ which is followed by seven chapters covering the topics of where animals live, what they eat, babies, how they grow up, survival techniques, the language they use and animal emotions. The chapters are not long and the information is clearly set out in bordered segments interspersed with colourful photographs. There are “Look!” or “Try this!” headings as well as a simple quiz at the end of each section. The answer to each quiz is on the same page but may be missed as it is in miniscule light coloured font.

The interesting and wide-ranging information is written in an easy to understand manner and may encourage further investigation. A thought-provoking fact especially as areas of Australia are suffering from a devastating mouse plague is that one pair of mice can produce up to two thousand offspring a year and that young mice can begin to have their own babies at three weeks old. There is important information on human garbage and the care that must be taken to ensure animals do not suffer from it being left lying around. At the end of the book are photo credits and a very detailed index.

Another welcome addition to a home, school or public library.

Themes: Animals, Habitats, Survival, Nature.

Kathryn Beilby