Dinosaurs fact and fable by Seymour Simon

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Scientists have dug up and uncovered many facts about dinosaurs - and in the process, they have come across many myths. This picture book digs deep into the Age of Dinosaurs, covering topics such as fossilization, plate tectonics, dinosaur diets, paleontology, extinction theories, dinosaur relatives, and more!

With its glossy pages, appealing layout, clear text, vibrantly coloured pages, engaging sidebars, and stunning full-colour illustrations and photographs it is one for the reader who knows a little about these fascinating creatures but wants to dig a little deeper. While still in simple, accessible language in small chunks, it offers more than a basic Q & A making it an excellent stepping stone to more complex texts. It includes  a glossary, a timeline, and an index making it easy to navigate and supporting the locating aspect of the information literacy process

Although there is a plethora of books about dinosaurs, both fiction and non fiction, there is always a demand for new resources by young readers who continue to remain fascinated and so this is something new, informative and worthwhile to add to the collection.

Themes: Dinosaurs.

Barbara Braxton