Dinosaurs aren't dead by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

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Pan, 2010. ISBN 978 0 330 42579 7.
(Ages 10+) Warmly recommended. Non Fiction. Humour. Subtitled, The shocking story of dinosaur evolution, the well known scientist, Dr Karl, who takes great pains to put complex issues into the hands of children via his natty books, is at it again. In this one sets out to show what the dinosaurs were, when they lived and why they were wiped out, (or so everyone thinks).
Enough facts are given to warm the cockles of any dinosaur aficionado. With the book divided into 12 easily accessible chapters, having chapter headings such as The discovery of dinosaurs, Why did dinosaurs win? and What killed most of the dinosaurs, the chapters bristle with tempting facts and information. Different fonts, bold headings and lists are used effectively to gain the reader's attention and one drawing has a giraffe drawn alongside the dinosaur for comparison which will help the reader recognise the size of some of these creatures.
His enormously popular website outlines much of the science he talks about and a list of his other books, a blog and information about Dr Karl are given at this website.
Fran Knight