Dinosaur Questions & Answers by The Natural History Museum

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If you're as old as the dinosaurs themselves, and even if you're not, if you have had anything to do with young children you will know that the fascination for dinosaurs is universal and endless. I wish I had the proverbial dollar for every time I have been told that a child is obsessed with dinosaurs and asked what did I have that was new.

So this new publication from CSIRO Publishing which targets those just beginning to discover these creatures and who have so many questions about them is perfect. Tackling 50 most commonly asked questions such as 'Which dinosaurs had the biggest teeth?' and 'Why did some dinosaurs have such short arms?', both question and answers are in straight-forward language, give just the right amount of information and are accompanied by clear, colourful illustrations ensuring the young reader's inquisitiveness is satisfied while demonstrating the power of books to seek the information we want.

Many of our youngest readers will be experts on this subject before they come to school and even though according to formal tests they can't yet read, they will have cut their teeth on this subject and know more about reading (and dinosaurs) than we give them credit for. So this could serve as an excellent model to let this group create their own Q&A book to not only show off their own knowledge but to learn from their peers, empowering them in a way that few formal lessons could do. It could offer a pathway into the information literacy process for them - what do I already know, what do I want to know, where can I find out, how can I share what I've discovered - and inspire them to investigate further.

Themes: Dinosaurs.

Barbara Braxton