Comic Classics: Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and Jack Noel

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The classic tale of Jim Hawkins, Dr Livesey, Squire John Trelawney, Long John Silver, Ben Gunn and an assortment of other characters who set out on the Hispaniola to find Captain Flint's long-buried treasure is brought to a new audience in this adaptation by illustrator Jack Noel to graphic novel format.

Adapted into numerous films, plays and other productions, this epitome of pirate stories really belongs in every child's literary repertoire and using all the visual techniques that attract today's young readers, the once-difficult language of the late 19th century storyteller is now accessible to today's generation. So much of what we believe about pirates, their vocabulary and actions stems from Stevenson's imagination so even if the student can't manage the original, this interpretation will give them some insight and understanding of a story that they are expected to be familiar with in their later studies.

This is the second in this series - the first is Great Expectations - and it would be a worthwhile addition to any library collection that seeks to extend children's reading into the realm of stories to be read again and again.

Barbara Braxton