Clockwork princess by Cassandra Clare

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The Infernal Devices series, bk 3. Walker, 2013. ISBN 9781406330403.
(Age: 14+) Recommended. The London Institute is facing its biggest challenge. Mortmain aims to destroy the Shadowhunters with his Infernal Devices, automatons that will raze down all within their path. However Mortmain needs Tessa Gray to finally complete his vicious plans. Tessa too is facing life changing decisions. Both Will and Jem will do anything to protect Tessa but she realises that she is the only person who can save herself. Will her Angel necklace help her to survive and what boy will she choose?
Clare brings the 3rd and final book in The Infernal Devices to a satisfying conclusion in a massive 568 pages. The fact that she could hold my attention in such a long book is a testament to her clever plotting, characterisation and action that brings an alternative London to life. I spent most of the book wondering how she would be able to resolve the tricky issue of the love triangle that faces Tessa: which boy will she choose when she loves them both. Clare did not disappoint and the ending was a very surprising and gratifying one. The action was also brought to a breath taking climax and the imagery was such that I won't forget Tessa's angel in a hurry.
This book was more character driven than action driven (although the action was great as well). It was wonderful to see Tessa coming of age and coming into her power and Will finally coming to terms with the curse that had haunted him for years. There were also heart wrenching moments for Jem as he fought his illness while Charlotte and her fight to keep the Institute and do what was right provided a strong role model for women becoming leaders and still having loving relationships. Many references to books and poetry will have readers seeking out some of the classics and perhaps being introduced to some renowned literature.
A family tree at the back of the book provides the links to the characters found in The Mortal Instruments series and should answer readers' questions about who is who and their relationships.
This is sure to be a winner with all the readers who have enjoyed previous books in both The Infernal Devices series and The Mortal Instruments series.
Pat Pledger